Arlington Park, Arlington Heights, IL, July 10, 2011

Crummy day. More of the same old Illinois woes of short fields and uncompetitive races. You can't make money on those. How depressing. I took my camera, but the only photo worth taking all day was of the llama in the petting zoo, for the benefit of McChump #2. Pretty much a ho hum, forgettable day ... with the exception of ... wait for it, wait for it ... "Char Dog"!

Arlington Char Dog! Yes folk, the most godawful creation ever served at a food stand at any racetrack anywhere. (And remember, I've been to Beulah, and Suffolk, tracks where they really know how to dish up the crap!)

No real "char" to it at all, in the classic sense of, well, you know, charring the nominally featured meatal item. Just a sorry boiled-to-a-fare-thee-well scrawny limp pale pinkish-grayish USDA grade Z-minus food-ish ho-dog product served on a small slightly stale and utterly tasteless white generic bun ... just like their regular ho-dogs. But for more money. Which gets you the added bonus of the dog being smothered in an extra gooey sweet bbq sauce, with big hard tooth-cracking chunks of months-old "bacon" bits tossed on for good measure. Oh yeah, it's real bacon. Honest.

Yeeeccchh. Just Godawful. Plunk. Half in the trash. Just when a nothing day was already depressing enough.

So the big takeaway from this entire day of live horse racing at Arlington Park was: Arlington char dog - A definite "do not buy". Ever. Ever ever.

And no, no picture of that other than the word picture you just read, and whew! you're past that now. But hey click the link if you want to see the llama mentioned previously in this story. As an extra added bonus it looks like there's maybe a pony in there, and possibly a goat or something.