"All stories and most pictures on this website are the property of McChump Industries, and may not be re-used in any form without permission. And yes, this does mean you!"

That appeared on every page of the old website, in the footer, for years and years. It appears in the footer of this one. It's the policy, and it applies to everyone.

This site was originally created as a labor of love, to share racetrack stories and accompanying crummy pictures with fellow racing fans, free of charge. Unfortunately, over the years, people have taken advantage of that and ignored the policy, and pictures from here have appeared in real estate ads and other people's racing websites and Wikipedia and all sorts of other places, without the requisite permission.  

So, since the policy apparently was not clear previously, a more detailed policy follows:

Non-Commercial use, plus tracks, horsemen, and anyone else putting on the show:

If you want to use a picture or pictures for a non-commercial purpose, we will generally allow re-use of the watermarked images, but you must contact us for permisson first. It does not matter if you are just 8 years old, you must get permission.

Commercial Use:

Search engines are approved to index and use the pictures,

Otherwise, if you want to use a picture from this site for ANY commercial purpose at all, and yes that does mean your racing fan website with even just one ad, you need to contact us (using the contact form) about either special permission to use the watermarked images, or to purchase a non-watermarked full-size raw scan or original camera image.

Thank you.

The Management