Elko County Fair, Elko, NV, Labor Day Weekend, 2005

The White King

Remember a few years ago when I slept through my plane reservation to go visit Elko? So you never got to read about it here ... until now? Well, McChump #2 did it, so it's suddenly available. Read on ...

Our story picks up in early September, as McChump #2 is still on the road on the 2005 edition of The Neverending Journey. He's headed for Reno, after a trek across North Dakota and Montana and Idaho and Utah. But on the way there's Elko, running the annual Labor Day rodeo, fair, and races. A McChump.com exclusive, these are his own words and pictures! So click on the slide show and listen up, chump!

(McChump #2 continued on from Elko, exhausted by all the excitement, but soldiered on, he did. West he traveled, west on historic I-80. Somewhere he stopped for the night.)

"On the way here, I saw a billboard for Battle Mountain, 'The Armpit of America, as reported in the Washington Post'. I couldn't stop in time for a pic, but I'll watch on the way to Reno for another".

(On he soldiered, bravely, finally landing in Reno.)

"Never saw another sign on the way to Battle Mt., but it IS a tremendous armpit. Trailers and sagging bungalows. The 'main street' with its 'casinos' was pitiful. I didn't stop, but I did stop at Winnemuca, a seedy town also but with more character. It's bigger too, the county seat." (Ed. - And also has mule racing, which automatically adds 127 points of class.)

When last heard from (9/10), McChump #2 was expecting that troublemaker trainer Phil Oviedo and his brother to come over to Reno from California for the weekend.

To be continued ... ?