Sportsman's Park & Hawthorne Race Course, Cicero/Stickney, IL, Spring, 2005

It is hard to believe but the most exciting thing happening at the Hawthorne Spring meet was watching Sportsman's Park get demolished next door. Didn't even get in a hassle this year with the security guy for taking pictures at the Illinois Derby because I didn't even bother bringing the camera. There was real corn tamales at the food court. $1.50. Those were pretty good.

But the real problem this Spring was no horses. Oh sure. In the past the Sportsman's Spring meets were all a little short, but this year was awful. Six and seven horse fields out the wazoo. As a result, not much in the line of prices. Playing horses was exhausting. I was at the track the second to the last day of the meet. A Monday, I think. Bet well and made a good amount of money. But I'm walking out to the car and thinking to myself: "I didn't have a bit of fun here. And haven't in awhile." Time to take a little break from Chicago racing, I think.

But hey here's a little slideshow of Sportsman's Park coming down.