Beulah Park, Grove City, OH, Sep 23, 2004

River Downs Racebook, Cincinnati, OH, Sep 24, 2004

Turfway Park, Florence, KY, Sep 24, 2004

Kentucky Downs, Franklin, KY, Sep 25 & 27, 2004

It was that time again, Kentucky Downs time. So the McChump party duly set out on the drive from Chicago to Nashville. We went the long way.

Why waste a long drive on just one racetrack? So we thought it would be fun to visit some other tracks too. So we did. Got in a stop at Beulah Park by Columbus, Ohio, and a visit with Internet correspondent and track announcer Bill Downes, Jr. Thanks Bill. Did NOT meet up with the Twins. Spent a night somewhere, probably an ultra-fabulous Super 8 along the freeway. Next day drove down to Cincinnati to try out their highly touted new racebook. It was okay. Later that day crossed the river to stop in at Turfway Park in Florence, KY for an evening of racing. And THEN went to Nashville the next day. Whew.

Not much story, just pictures. But lots.