Remington Park, Oklahoma City, OK, 10/26-27/2016

I hadda go down to Tulsa on the way home from Montana to Chicago, so I says, I says to myself, "Why waste this trip as regards racing?". So I convinced McChump #2 to drive up from Texas and meet me at Remington Park CASINO!!!!!! for a couple days. 

Remington Park has definitely become a full-blown 100% casino since last I was there. There's no doubt. It's a casino. The big giant sign over the door says so. CASINO. Massive. 3400 pt. bold type over the door of a blocky, windlowless, featureless casino structure that was kind of bolted onto the front of the old hospital. And the word racetrack is nowhere mentioned.

But of course, the big CASINO! sign was there before. What's new now it is REALLY casino, and almost impossible to find the track unless you go in through the paddock. But the racing facility is still there, right where it has always been, at least where the clubhouse side has always been. And the paddock is still where it always was. This trip the racing was failrly well attended. I was surprised, expecting to find it horsemen only, like last time, or maybe even worse. It's still not as busy with actual racing fans as it was when I first visited, but it was some better and not nearly as miserable and lonely.

Wandered around the casino some, and it was a perfectly generic casino, with the added feature of being kind of hard to navigate. But there was better concessions in there. An a nice gift shop lady. And beer specials at the bars!

Just a couple pix.