White Pine Raceway, Ely, NV, Aug 17, 2013

After Sonoma came a real exciting few days in the real exciting town of Reno, Nevada, which I'm here to tell ya chump leaves something to be desired, except they do have a pretty nice minor league baseball team within walking distance of the main hotel district, and it has this weird red mascot name Archie, and this disturbing white ballon head thing peeks over the outfield fence from time to time. And a ho hum day in Lake Tahoe - boring casino central. But then finally the drive through the barest of deserts in Nevada to the more eastern part of the state and the mountain town of Ely, Nevada, for the big White Pine Horse Races therein.

A good time was had by all, except McChump #2 got tired of the live races pretty quick again and went back to the hotel to play slots, but I had a good time with Roxy and Alise. The Hotel Nevada and its many delights did not disappoint. Okay dinners out at some local establishments, and thanks again Roxy for the treat. And me and McChump #2 visited the railway museum they got there and took the little steam train tour from town out to the mine and back, woo hoo!