Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA, April 17-18-19, 2009

Turf Paradise, Phoenix, AZ, April 20, 2009

Somehow I found myself in Phoenix in mid-April, fleeing Chicago winter again, and somehow me and McChump #2 decided to drive over to Santa Anita for closing weekend of their meet and the big San Juan Capistrano that closes it out. Three big days of racing. And three profitable days for me, too, as for some unexplained reason I could see things so clearly in the pp's, and the horses were obliging by running into my bets. One of those weekends when you think you have it all figured out Until the next weekend comes along.

Racing weather was beautiful, nights along Huntington Ave. and in nearby Monrovia were fun, there were $1 concessions at the track plus Frank Stronach's pitiful deserted Horse Wizard to visit and ridicule, there was some TV or movie filiming going on (Luck?) so maybe we would get famous, and even some mariachi dancers. What's not to like? I love this track. Even without The Wine Shed.

On Sunday I did have one particluarly notable incident of interest. Handicapped the whole card when we arrived early (so McChump #2 could play some East Coast simulcasts), picked my horses for each race, and then just for fun plopped down a whole $2 for a Pick 6 ticket, one horse in each race. That's about what I think Pick 6's are worth. Lost a race about the 3rd or so when my horse finished 2nd, so put the ticket away in the back of my wallet. Didn't even look at it again until we had left the park and were sitting in the 100-1 (or equiv) having a post-race libation. Checked my Pick 6 ticket. Wow! 5 of 6! I am The King. Checked prices on the phone. $119.20. Ugh. I was not the only one who has sussed out that P6 it seems. Dint even go back to cash it on the spot. Took it home and mailed it. Sure, $119.20 is $119.20, but it's not worth a three block walk when there's a cold beer on the bar.

Lotsa pictures of Santa Anita and a few others of roadside attractions and Turf Paradise.