Scott Mordell, the CEO at Arlington, is quoted in Sunday's DRF talking about a proposed national advertising campaign. In essence, he feels that exposure of racing isn't the problem; rather that racing needs to cultivate a more positive image. To that end; "I'd rather see them take some of those millions of dollars they are talking about and use it for seed money to develop a televison sitcom about racing".

McChump Industries feels this is a great idea that would also solve one of the Great Internet Dilemmas by putting racing into the primetime while allowing the actual racing events themselves to adhere to their traditional daytime schedules. Plus any mention of "millions of dollars" always get the attention of management of McI. To that end, the formation of McChump Studios, to be housed in the old chicken coop out back of the cloning tub complex, was announced today at Industries HQ in scenic Curio, AZ.

The following series pilots are being sketched out:

The Beverly D. Hillbillies - A poor Mountaineer trainer named Jed discovers gold in the form of a black filly named The Texas T., and is urged by his kinfolk to move to the Chicago area and run the filly in the Beverly D.
Jed, the filly, and Jed's family pack up and move. The family settles into a mansion in Lake Forest, Jed and the filly settle in on the AP backside, and hilarious hijinks ensue.

The Baffert Bunch - Bob Baffert marries Jenine Sahadi, they combine their racing operations into one mega-stable with the intention of Dominating the World, and hilarious hijinks ensue.

D. Wayne's Island - D. Wayne Lukas and a group of seven horses, out for a three hour tour on a small boat, are shipwrecked on an uncharted island after the tiny ship is tossed. D. Wayne builds a racetrack out of crushed coconut shells, and proceeds to run 7 horse entries in a series of races, winning them all. Hilarious hijinks ensue.

Unfortunately, the management at McI isn't sure that the premises of these sitcoms are entirely believable, and is beginning to rethink the hiring of the screenwriting crew with their credentials from The University of P.O. Box 7.

Certainly, the combined brainpower of the Internet could do better. McI stands ready to cut a lucrative deal for part of those millions for the best concept, and for helping to resolve this Great Internet Dilemma. Send 'em in!