Portland Meadows

Portland, OR, September 8th, 2010

Here's the world class lumberjack store in Centralia (between Seattle and Portland, along I-5) where I stopped for some tree cutting wedges, after seeing my brother drop a slightly leaning tree 180 degrees from where he said he would drop it, earlier this summer. I am pleased to report that service at this store was excellent, and as it turns out, tree cutting wedges are not all that expensive.

Portland Meadows wasn't running, but I figured I would never be out this way in the winter, so why not stop in for some simulcast (with 35 of my best friends). It wasn't nearly as dumpy as people have described, and in fact the 1st floor was pretty nice for simulcast. Outside still looked a bit on the rough side, though - kind of like FP. Plus, get this, they have a whole 10 VLT's now, about 6 of which were in use! Woo hoo! Good times for Oregon racing.

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