Kickoff: The Astounding Adventures of the Little Tomatoes!

From Chicago to Hot Springs, April 9-10, 2008

The little tomatoes (and their pepper friends) in a Chicago area window a few days after the Illinois Derby.

What will be their fate? Where will they travel? What wonders will they see, if any? Will they survive? Will they find true love? Will they actually bear, you know, tomatoes?

Stay tuned in coming weeks and months to find out! These little tomatoes are bound for adventure! (And you're probably stuck in Peoria.)

Day 1, April 9.

The little tomatoes settle into their traveling home, right next to the little box with the collector's item Hawthorne coffee coozy, and whatever else junk is in the little box. I really hope there's some GPS batteries in there, as they weren't in my overnight bag like I thought.

Nothing exciting happened today, and no one dropped anything on the little tomatoes.

Up tomorrow: The little tomatoes get water, and change position.

Day 2, April 10.

Nope. No GPS batteries in the little box. The little tomatoes enjoy the view of the Branson, MO, Walmart, a regular treasure trove of batteries, as it turns out.

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