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Claiming Crown

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Race Analysis

the #1 free racing site on the Web.
And Brad's good for a beer, too.

The Touring Chump's Primer

Equibase Racing Dates gives a pretty decent summary of the racing dates at most Canadian and American tracks. Doesn't include some of your really dinky meets, but that's their problem.
Cindy Pierson-Dulay's List of Race Track websites - Click on the Race Tracks thumbnail when you get there and find the web pages of most every race track that has a web page. Sometimes you can find a racing calendar, and sometimes directions, and sometimes a phone number, and sometimes special events, but you rarely find all this stuff on any one track's website. Still, it is a start.
Mapquest helps you get there. Driving directions from where you are to where you're going, and estimated drive times. Big help when you're doing 400 miles/day.
RailTrack - Travelling to the track in England, are you? Trains take you anywhere you want to go for about $10. Use this site to find schedules. McChump tested and approved.

Specialty Regional & News Sites

Illinois Racing News - Monthly magazine of the ITBOF occasionally has some news items.
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Chicago Barn to Wire - A site dedicated to the Chicago racing scene, with an excellent news summary, plus a discussion forum, free classified ads, and more. All the press notes from the Chicago tracks.
The Racing Journal covers racing in the Pacific Northwest. Good list of race dates for the really podunk tracks, as well as some news.

Other Items of Interest

Nothing's particularly interesting right now.

If you are responsible for a regional news and/or information site and want it listed here, let me know.

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