Fremont St. and White Pine Raceway

Las Vegas and Ely, NV, August 19-23, 2010

Fabulous Vegas digs to start this outing. $28/night.

And here's what made them fabulous: Dancing girls! Outside and in. Okay, I admit it: McChump #2 picked this place out.

After a day and two nights, and entirely too much fun in Vegas, including an afternoon at the Orleans simuls where I was truly the King!, Ely was thousands of feet higher and 15 degrees cooler.

Mandatory horseback colors presentation.

A full feature paddock.

The nearly packed stands.

Betting was packed early on. Not so much later. And tragically, I was not the King! at Ely. McChump #2 did all right, though.

Fabulous Ely digs - the historic and interesting Hotel Nevada of Ely, Nevada. $44/night. The lady apologized they were out of the cheaper rooms. McChump #2 won money on some slot machine down in the lobby area, "Big Bonus Goody Frenzy O' Cash Winner Winner Lobster Dinner!", or some such. The coupon for a free margarita at the bar was slept through by yours truly, but reported to translate into a sorry, sweet, icky margarita by those of our party who did take advantage of this generous offer.

We got the "Anne Rutherford" room. Apparently a big star. Her blockbuster film "Operation Haylift" shot near Ely. You remember it.

Trouble in the Hotel Nevada's downstairs table games room.

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