Where The Chumps Are

Spring Break, 1998

At the Florida Derby, photo by Yazell(tm)

Gulfstream Park

March 14, 15, 16

Grandstand entrance
and rare view of
McChump #2's butt

Paddock area
and "Go Baby Go!"

Infield, and the
little riverboat

Hialeah Park

March 17

Clubhouse entrance

Back of stands

More from behind

Beautiful grounds

Flamingo fountain

Walking ring

Infield and
tornado damage

Flamingo island,
more tornado damage

Winner's Circle
and flying flamingos
(honest, they're there!)

Santa Anita Park

March 21, 22

From the lot

Back of stands,
walking ring

From the infield,
The Wine Shed

Jockey challenge

Jockey challenge

Jockey challenge

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