Mr. Chump Goes to Tucson - Again

The University of Arizona RTIP Symposium - 2001

I thought it might be a nice idea to go back to the Symposium again this year, and find out what's new since last time. Unfortunately, this summer's travel had put a powerful hurt on the McChump Industries executive travel budget, and that stingy organization nixed the idea. Those dogs! Fortunately, as President of the Kelly Sampson Fan Club, I have some powers regarding the Fan Club's retirement fund "investments", so here I am, signed up and attending the Symposium as President, KSFC.

It's a legitimate expenditure! Honest!

The VP of the Kelly Sampson Fan Club found one of those 1960's button-making kits in his mom's basement, so I am carrying KSFC promotional material to hand out, in the form of buttons proclaiming

Bring back the

If that is not a legitimate business trip then I don't know what is.

Tuesday, December 4 - Day 0
- AAEP Summit on Racehorse Medication

Wednesday, December 5 - Day 1
- The Reality of Perception
- The Business of Having Fun
- TPA "Web Journalism"
- Spotlight on Regulation

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